Jubaland Administration warmly welcome the election of the 3 regions new State President of South West of Somalia


Interim Jubba Administration

Press Release

On Baidoa Conference

March 31, 2014                                                                                                                                                                             Reference IJA13/2014

Interim Jubba Administration warmly welcome the election of the 3 regions new State President of South West of Somalia, His Excellency Mohamed Haji Abdinur, who was elected by a majority of Community delegates at the South West State people’s Conference in Baidoa.

Jubbaland Administration congratulates the people of South West State and the new President elect, on organizing a community-led initiative, adopting a new State Charter and electing a new President on March 27, 2014.

Jubbaland Administration reaffirms its commitment to a peaceful and prosperous South West State people extending a technical support to the newly elected administration. IJA believes that the 3 regions South West State formation process is in compliance with the Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC) of Somalia and calls upon the new President H. E. Mohamed Haji Abdinur to reach out other groups to join him and create more inclusive governance structure.

IJA calls upon Somali Federal Government and the wider international community to take its rightful position and bring all parties in South West State into a collaborative teamwork approach through dialogue and peaceful manner.

Likewise, IJA is pleased to note that the Somali Federal Government is committed to enhance Addis Ababa agreement in acknowledging 3 regions South West State of Somalia and hope to speed up its implementation without further hindrance.

Moreover, Jubbaland encourages communities in the remaining regions of central Somalia to establish States in a similar consultative and open process, in order to complete the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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Abdinasser Seeraar

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